Do you have what it takes to be a perfect entertainer?

Every cruise musician dreams of being the perfect entertainer. Not only can this open up a lot of doors, but it’s an exciting way to really push the boundaries and come up with something new and different. With that being said, there are some qualifies you need to have in order to become that great, perfect entertainer you always wanted. Here are some things you need to pursue.


If you want to be a perfect entertainer, you must adapt to the times. The music industry is changing, just like the taste people have in music. That’s why you need to keep up with the times, see what people like, find new ways to interact with them and so on. Let’s face it, musicians from 2000s didn’t really care or knew about social media, especially in the beginning. Now having a social presence is pivotal. All these things matter, and you really want to take advantage of all opportunities. If you learn how to adapt, things will get better and better.

Stay enthusiastic

Every performance is a new opportunity. You want to be committed to your craft and just enjoy every moment. When the love for your craft ends, that’s when you will end up not having great music or a good performance. Every entertainer job can be difficult, but if you love what you do and constantly try to innovate, nothing will be able to really stand in your way and the experience can be stellar every time.

Maintain high confidence levels

The perfect entertainer has a lot of confidence in his skills. If you see that you lack confidence, then practice more and more to remove that fear. People feel your fear and that will become a problem. The best thing that you can do is to commit to success and never give up. As long as you do that wisely, nothing will be able to stand in your way.


You will notice every perfect entertainer like Madonna for example always tries to innovate. She never keeps the same tone and style. She tries something new, and that’s what makes her a great entertainer. That’s the thing you want to do too, you want to take your time and innovate. Creativity is key in this field, and it’s what will make you stand out of the crowd more often than not.

Be yourself

You don’t want to imitate others. Instead, your focus should be on just focusing on your craft and showing who you really are. As soon as you do that, things will be a whole lot better. Don’t emulate other people and instead focus on showing your own ideas and charisma. As soon as you do that, things will be a lot more interesting.

Final thoughts

If you want to be a cruise musician, then these traits and qualities should be at the forefront of your mind. You always want to innovate, come up with new ideas and really take things to the next level. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but if you manage everything accordingly and you know how to do it right, then the payoff can be amazing!

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