Night Watch

Do you enjoy working when others are enjoying their night rest? Are you a social person who is always in a good mood? Do you want to make sure only the right people enter a river cruise ship?

Then a job as a night watch might be something for you.

As the Night watch you will be responsible for the safety of the passengers, crew, and vessel at night. The guarding of the vessel against burglary or intrusion by third parties, ensuring doors are properly closed when the vessel is not sailing will be your duties. In addition you will be responsible for completing rounds to ensure the safety of the passengers is fully met, the restocking of refreshments, general cleanliness and organization of administration work at the reception. This role on the vessel is best suited for an individual who feels capable to be fully alert during the night time hours.

Apply if you:

- Are a night-person - Want to see Europe while working - Enjoy working with people - Speak English and possibly also German.

We will offer:

- Attractive salary. - Good fringe benefits. - Pleasant working atmosphere. - Growth opportunities.