Secrets to increase your tip money as a musician.

Working as a cruise musician can be fun, and it’s definitely profitable if you know how to do it right. In fact, any musician job can pay well, if you know how to approach it. The main benefit is all about getting the ultimate results and experience. It’s going to be a challenge to achieve the right results, but in the end it’s one of those things to consider all the time. Which makes you wonder, how can you get more tips as a cruise musician?

Present the best music you have

It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself with a bang. Bring in the best possible music and performance that you have. Once you bring that, you will find yourself a lot more impressed with the results. It’s a great approach to do that, and in the end everyone is happy.

Bring a tip jar

Yes, it’s the obvious thing to do, but if people see they can tip you, they will most likely do that. Of course, that means you need to bring a great performance. But if you offer something like that, you can expect some great results in the end.

Sell merchandise

Having a small stand where you share merchandise can be a great way to generate more income from a cruise show. That being said, put a tip jar in there too, it helps quite a bit and it will surely convey some incredible benefits in the long run.

Live jukebox

Allow people to tip if they want you to sing or perform a certain song. It’s a great way to acquire more tips as a cruise musician. Plus, it makes the experience a lot more personal and interesting, which is something you have to check out as much as you can here.

Always be gracious and respectful

Believe it or not, a lot of people appreciate a cruise musician that’s respectful, friendly and professional. If you maintain a high level of respect for your audience, then they will respect you quite a lot and that’s the thing to keep in mind. Maintaining that approach can help a lot and it will bring more tips.

As you can see, there are all kinds of methods cruise musicians can use in order to generate more tips. It’s clever to really push the boundaries and focus on finding the right approach. But as we mentioned, you want to maintain a high level of respect and professionalism. That’s what will convey the best results in the end, so try to take that into consideration. It will help make the experience better every time!

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