Why cruises and hotels need entertainment?

One of the best things about cruises and hotels is that they usually have their own entertainment. Which is great, because it brings in a fun way for guests to enjoy their time. Life is always filled with challenges, so having a cruise musician or any entertainer can really make a difference. It’s actually crucial for any cruise or hotel to have someone that entertains people, and that’s why you will find many residencies.

It’s easier for people to have a good time

As we mentioned above, a lot of people encounter day to day challenges and they want to escape from it all. A cruise or a hotel accommodation in another city helps them do that. It’s very fun and it just makes the experience a lot more interesting. The best thing here is that you usually have more than a single entertainer, so you can easily choose the show you want to watch and be a part of. That’s cool and fun at the same time.

Boosting bar sales

Yes, a musician job on a cruise or in a hotel is to also boost the bar sales. Having entertainers usually attracts a larger crowd. And obviously that means people are flocking towards the opportunity to see those cruise or hotel musicians. Which is great, because it can be very profitable when it comes to bar sales. After all, everyone wants to drink something while enjoying their favorite music.

At the same time, the cruise or hotel are able to generate even more revenue by adding special drinks to the menu when a special act or musician comes. That’s definitely going to generate even more attention and that alone is one of those things everyone wants to enjoy and see.

Offering guests more options

When you accommodate in a hotel or enjoy your time on a cruise ship, you are always excited to find new activities. That’s the great thing about having entertainers worldwide in such a place. It allows a guest to enjoy their time and immerse themselves into the experience. It’s exciting, rewarding and it certainly pushes the experience in a very rewarding manner. That’s what makes it well worth it in the long run. Not only that, but people are most likely to come back if they have a variety of options to consider.


As you can see, a musician job has different roles. One of them is to entertain people and offer them a variety of options to focus on. And at the same time, there’s also the role to generate bar sales too. It’s an incredible approach and one of those things that can make a huge difference for any cruise. At the same time, guests are always excited to meet their favorite musicians. They are just as interested in new music or entertainment they never saw before. That’s why being a cruise musician is great, since it can bring in quite a lot of exposure for you. But in the end, having entertainers is profitable for the hotel or cruise too!

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